We are a service company in the life science industry: offering consulting, clinical trial management and software development. Our company name, "JSB Solutions," draws inspiration from the work and legacy of Johann Sebastian Bach. Bach's most significant compositions are renowned for their challenging nature, characterized by intricate structures and mathematical precision. However, when we listen to them, they appear deceptively straightforward and linear.

Our team embraces this concept of perfect simplicity. We advocate for a philosophy that places relationships and individuals at the core of success. Our vision extends beyond merely providing a service; we aspire to create a positive impact on three dimensions: the individual, the organization, and the broader community.

Our services in your workflow

Clinical Research

Line Activation

Regulatory Approvals







We are constantly seeking skilled and pro-active people that could make a game-changing impact on the Life Science world. We are looking for those ready to commit themselves with passion to achieve a common goal: becoming ambassadors of a brand-new concept of Life Science Consulting.

Contract Research Organization (CRO)

Better cope with your clinical trials, from the regulatory start-up phase, including submission and study approval.

Commissioning & Qualification

Competence and innovation at the service of each new project, with the aim of finding the best possible solution to the client's request.


How to contact a company representative and book an appointment?

Contacting us is straightforward. You can book your consultancy here or by writing an email to sales@jsb-solutions.com.

What is the timeframe for a response?

As we take care of your request immediately, within one working day you will receive a reply email to schedule a first meeting.

What are the steps to finalize the purchase?

The purchase flow will be structured according to the complexity of the request. Normally, following the first contact, we schedule a screening call for the collection of technical requirements, and within 5 working days we issue a personalized offer for you.

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