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REAL WORLD EVIDENCE: a strategic asset

Real Word Evidence is the tool of the future, designed for achieving your goals; specifically, it performs resource optimization and time reduction, which are key elements to be competitive today in the Life Science market. Our unit will help you to identify the best solution for your business.

Clinical Research

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Real World Evidence



a decision-making tool

Relying on our team, you will have the opportunity to introduce new Real World Evidence projects into your company. This will allow you to get a clearer assessment of the safety parameters of a treatment, thus gaining a competitive advantage in terms of quality and efficacy of the product.


Un supporto continuativo su tutto il lifecycle management

Following a careful analysis and assessment of a client's needs, the RWE unit can guide you towards the best solution to meet your needs. The solution will be fully compliant with the regulations, while the results are recognized as suitable by the clinical-scientific and regulatory community for methodology, quality and accuracy.

We have developed a model based on four pillars:

Real World Evidence Discovery

Real World Evidence Discovery is the solution studied by JSB to guide companies in the activation of RWE projects:

Roundtable Analysis

Discovery Workshop

Minimum Viable Product

RWE Project

Aligning the corporate functions involved with the potential of Real World Evidence

Identifying, through a workshop in the company, the research objective and the sustainability of the solution proposed

Developing a project prototype with hypotheses of time and cost of realization

Implementing a real-world evidence project

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How can I find out if my company can benefit from Real World Evidence projects?

You can verify a potential need for RWE simply by contacting us. Our Real World Evidence experts will show you the potential of the solutions and will evaluate with you its potential applicability in your company.

How can I nominate my company to one of your Real World Evidence Discovery Workshops?

You can contact us directly here by requesting a personalized quote for the realization of the Workshop. Furthermore, in case of activation of a Real World Evidence project with JSB, the entire amount of the Workshop will be discounted.

Can JSB support me at 360 degrees for the development of an RWE project?

Yes, thanks to the wide range of services that JSB provides. In addition to providing specific consultancy in the RWE area, we can support our clients in the management of observational studies with its CRO and in the qualitative area with the Quality Assurance team.

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