This is the tale of a dream made possible by those people who had faith in it. It's a vision that transcends the mere provision of a service and, on the contrary, fosters a movement.

JSB represents a revolution— a revolution grounded in relationships, where individuals are the linchpin of success, with a role in the streamlining of complex processes.

We champion beauty, culture, sustainability, and education to expand perspectives and cultivate awareness. Choosing JSB means embracing our world and adhering to our philosophy.

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Brand Values


We are promoters of a new consulting model primarily based on facilitation. At the core of our approach there is simplifying the work of our clients, enabling them to focus on their strategic activities only.


Our revolution is based on building trusting relationships creating solid synergies aimed at achieving common goals.


We promote culture as a tool for both personal and professional enrichment and encourage it through concrete actions to broaden perspective and build awareness.


Choosing JSB means sharing a vision that aims at generating a positive impact on three different dimensions: the individual, the organization, and the world.

How do we communicate?

Our Tone-of-Voice embodies the values upheld by the brand.It is a core part of our brand identity and gains relevance while engaging with our audience.

Our Tone-of-Voice cuts across multiple dimensions but adapts its form and structure based on the specific goals and audiences associated with each communication channel.

Our Tone-of-Voice is based on major pillars covering all the channels involved in our communication: simplicity, transparency, caringness, accountability, empathy and inclusiveness, education and clear information.

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