What makes us special

What makes us special

Company names often originate from unusual details or strong passions of their founders: JSB Solutions, indeed holds a name inspired by the work and the life of Johann Sebastian Bach.

Bach's most important compositions are difficult to perform, characterized by a complex structure and mathematical perfection, yet they still appear linear and simple.

The pursuit of this perfect simplicity is what brings us closer to the world of Bach and what also defines our vision: we reinterpret it by facilitating the work of our customers, leaving them free to focus on their activities for achieving the biggest results.


Our dream is to give our clients the unique privilege of simply focusing on their strategic activities.


To facilitate our client’s projects, putting all our passion and determination.

"I strongly believe that there is a need to change the sectorial culture by taking it to a modern approach and shift towards a revolutionary logic."

- Jacopo Montigiani, CEO

Ethical Business

We want to be related to sustainable business and corporate social responsibility, and we strive to be acknowledged as an ethical model.

For this very reason, we continuously invest in collective growth projects. The goal we pursue is to identify the most relevant issues for our customers, our people and the society overall, eventually contributing for a better world.

JSB Solutions