Fighting communication bottlenecks

August 5, 2022


Fighting communication bottlenecks

Gap Analysis, Flow Review, Single Coordination







A very little fluid process flow due a serious lack of communication between the Planning Department, the Quality Department and the Distribution Center was identified. This situation led the customer to face various management issues. The stock out of the branches and a decrease in sales were direct consequences of this circumstance.


The need to promptly and effectively manage the distribution of products led the customer to request a support action from JSB with a focus on some activities, specifically: - EEC and extra-EEC travel planning - organization of the account / work - management of relations with subcontractors and operations related to the escrow account.


After an initial phase of study and analysis, JSB supported the customer in redefining the process flow by reshaping the procedures with particular attention to time management, in order to ensure that any changes during the process, such as a date shift, do not affect the entire performance.

According to the new guidelines, the production date is established by the Planning Department together with the Distribution Center and the Quality Department, which is responsible for product approval.


In the first four months, the number of outbound EEC and extra-EEC shipments increased by + 30%, the times for subcontractors and consignment have been halved and an increase in sales of 200,000,000 € was registered.