On 11 February, the International Day of Girls and Women in Science is celebrated with the aim of highlighting the decisive contribution of women in STEM disciplines and industries (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) on the initiative of the UN and UNESCO.
Activities and events around the world are being promoted by companies, organisations, bodies, universities and research centres in an effort to raise awareness among the community on the issues of equal opportunities and equal gender access to science, research, professions and scientific careers.
In terms of gender gaps, social differences and gender inequality, the pandemic has unfortunately not helped, amplifying its consequences with the ongoing economic and employment crisis. The latest ISTAT data photograph an Italy of unemployment and precarious sharply to the detriment of the female workforce: to date as many as 98% of those who lost their jobs in the country in December 2020 are women, for the equivalent of 99,000 people out of 101,000, while annual trends speak of a 70% of women left at home out of a total of 444,000 new unemployed.
This data is particularly striking when compared to a recent study by the Deloitte Foundation, that in the analysis of the system STEM finds the difficulty to find the professional profiles of which they need from almost a quarter of the companies of field they assume, with an occupational gap in perfect contrast.
Moreover, the same research tells us of a still small number of university students (27%) enrolled in scientific faculties (2019 data), of which the small percentage of women barely covers the fourth part: a phenomenon independent of real skills and gender propensities, All the more so as statistically women also in the academic scientific paths are on average the most prepared and fast in graduating.
As for the world of work, we leave aside for a moment issues such as gender pay gap and glass ceiling; on International Women’s Day in Science JSB Solutions also celebrates its women in STEM, whose commitment to Life Science every day has a fundamental impact both on the company – composed in majority and for 80% of the top figures of young women – and on the ecosystem in which it operates.
Representing all the women of the JSB teams today we thank:
Laura Vismara: Life Science Business Unit Manager, mother of a girl, the two dachshunds Luigi and Lola, the hound Gemma and four cats – Unit: Pharma Consulting
Valentina Grazzini: Sales Marketing & Communication Manager, eclectic figure in the company and sommelier for passion
Rosa Contursi: HR Manager, forever tourist and big fan of Pino Daniele
Margherita BertoldiBrand Ambassador, mother of two twins and carries the flag of corporate values.
Chiara Fiocca – Clinical PM and Team Leader, Neapolitan heart and passionate about photography and Cecilia PelagattiScientific Director, Passionate reader and medical anesthesiologist resuscitator by profession – Unit: CRO
Giada di LeoArea Manager, mother of two beautiful children, traveler and sea lover Unit: Regulatory Affairs and Pharmacovigilance
Martina Giorgio GaggiaTeam Leader, dancer from 27 years graduated in ballet and Eleonora Tenori – Account Team Leader, with a title of Phd visiting student at MIT, one-year-old mother who adores Beethoven – Unit: Quality Assurance