Martina Giorgio Gaggia

My University Degree in CTF and a Master’s Degree in Medical Management have allowed me to start my professional career as a QA Operations in a pharmaceutical company of sterile products and to become Clinical Quality Assurance Specialist in JSB Solutions.



I started working in JSB as a QA Consultant in 2015 and also collaborating on validation and regulatory projects. After gaining experience in different business areas and having acquired different knowledge, even distant from my field of study, I started approaching the Clinical Research world, becoming  Clinical Quality Assurance Specialist in 2018.

I can say that my experience in this area began with the JSB CRO (Contract Research Organization) foundation  in 2016, growing up meanwhile the department was growing, covering more and more responsibilities such as Project Management activities, Data Management and Pharmacovigilance, just in two years. My daily activities include writing of procedures, clinical documents review and quality checks of study archives, managing projects and coordinating the work of the CRO group.

Perseverance and flexibility are the words that would better describe my story in JSB. The perseverance of pursuing the personal and corporate set goals and the flexibility to adapt myself to different situations, that helped me to improve my skills.


The collaboration between different sectors and the connection between different areas is the best way to grow up in a company. This is the main feature that identifies JSB and one of the reasons why I feel part of the JSB working group.


Inferno of Dan Brown: I suggest this book beacause it makes you understand that the easier and conventional way is not always the better one.