In this interview Andrea Romagnoli, Validation and Compliance Consultant, describes himself and his personal experiences that affect his working life.

Describe yourself with a personal and/or professional experience that you consider representative of your personality.

During my Universtity studies I have had the pleasure to work as “maschera” at Teatro della Pergola in Florence.

The audience, without which the theater would not exist at all, is the most important thing. The attention you give to the audience and your attitude can make the difference between a good experience and a bad experience.

The attention I gave to the audience is the same attention that  I try to put in my job in JSB  starting from the single daily tasks, always trying to guide the “audience” towards the best experience.

Which is your role in JSB and why are you proud to be part of the JSB Solutions Team?

In JSB Solutions I work as Validation and Compliance Consultant. In the daily work we always have to face new challenges that are very important for a personal and professional growth. There is always something new to learn from people that have more experience than you, even if they are JSB colleagues or external people.

The others have always something new to teach you and, thanks to a team that is always supporting me and support new ideas and projects, I can improve my skills.

Suggest a book to read and justify the choice with a representative adjective.

In everthing I do, both personal and professional, I always use my curiosity. Starting from this premise it comes to my mind the book Surely you’re joking, Mr. Feynman! Richard Feynman’s Adventures of a Curious Character by Richard Feynman, which I absolutely recommend.

The Nobel Prize for physics, is told through funny anecdotes and personal reminiscences, helping us to read the head of those who have experienced science as transgression. The effort would be to live more like Feynmann, with scientific rigor, curiosity, but also with a desire to joke.