In this interview Alessia Borgi, Facility and Administration Assistant, describes herself and her personal experiences that affect her working life.

Describe yourself with a personal and/or professional experience that you consider representative of your personality.

For several years I have been a volleyball coach. Since I started, this activity led me to collaborate with a technical staff and to relate with young girls approaching a new sport.

The volleyball coaching allowed me to understand when and how to be useful, even without receiving an explicit request for help, it allowed me to understand how to support the others in any situation and to relate to any kind of person, with different needs and points of view.

The sporting life, and the role as a coach gave me the opportunity to grow up as a person, both in private life and in the professional one, and to apply some fundamental principles to different situations that I have to face everyday, trying to connect with people, even when they seem to be different from us. It is an approach that helps me to be positive in any situation.

Which is your role in JSB and why are you proud to be part of the JSB Solutions Team?

In JSB I work as Facility and Administration Assistant. It’s a job that allows me to get in touch with all my colleagues, to collaborate with them and support them when they have difficulties. It is a dynamic job that allows me to learn new things and to see different aspects of the working life, interfacing with different roles and areas. Working in JSB also means having someone who invests time for your personal and professional growth, and this is a real opportunity.

Suggest a book to read and justify the choice with a representative adjective.

The book I recommend is “Un ragazzo normale” by Lorenzo Marone. Mimì 12 years old and the heart full of emotions. Mimi who becomes a friend of a superhero, a young journalist who deals with the mafia. Mimi who loves Viola. A novel that gently tells you about life, with its deep lightness or light depth. The kind of book that I like.