For today’s interview Serena Fornari, Utilities Engineer Consultant, talks about her personal and professional experience in JSB. Here the full interview:

Describe yourself with a personal and/or professional experience that you consider representative of your personality.

Moving from Rome to Florence, for a new interesting professional experience in JSB Solutions, was for me a real challenge. Leaving my family and my home meant that I had to face my fears rediscovering the strength in myself and look at the uncertainties of this new choice as a possibility to improve my ability to face difficulties in the everyday working life. Now I am ready for this new journey, trying to collaborate everyday with the others to achieve a common goal.

What is your role in JSB and why are you proud to be part of the JSB Solutions Team?

In JSB I work as Utilities Engineer Consultant. I am proud to be part of JSB team because I have the opportunity to work in a challenging environment where I can improve my professional and personal skills. We face everyday a new challenge and we work together to find the best solution in order to improve the reliability of the system we work for.

Suggest a book to read and justify the choice with a representative adjective.

In my opinion, “Uno, nessuno e centomila” by Luigi Pirandello is a book that everybody should read because in this book the author wants to give a critical point of view of the character’s behavior influenced by people around him, by social life and culture. The reader will thus be aware that the world is not objective, that there is not a common vision of this world and he will be able to see the others in a different light.