Elisa-Pettineo-Marketing-Communication-StageurWho is JSB? JSB is Elisa Pettineo, Marketing & Communication Stageur.

Describe yourself with a personal and/or professional experience that you consider representative of your personality.

Moving to London alone for two years is one of the experiences that has changed my personality the most. At 25 I finally had the feeling to be grown up and not just because I left my family and my friends but because I had to face all my fears, my weaknesses and constantly work on myself. Making decisions and solving problems is something that I couldn’t have learnt better during this period of time. When you finally lose ‟that’s not my problem″ attitude and you stop trying to avoid difficulties you really understand you strengths and your value and start to aquire more self confidence. This is something that I always try to keep in mind and apply to my everyday life and my job, remembering that facing problems to find a solution is always an opportunity to learn something new.

What is your role in JSB and why are you proud to be part of the JSB Solutions Team?

In JSB I am a Marketing & Communication Stageur, working on external and internal communication, collaborating in the organization of meetings and events. After just five months I can say that I feel part of a Company and consequently part of a Team and this is something very rare, especially if you are a Stageur. I really have the feeling that I play an active role in developing new projects related to marketing and communication and this is the most important thing when you start a new job. Having someone invest time and energy for your personal and professional growth is an opportunity from which I am trying to learn as much as I can. Moreover, when this approach creates a sharing of goals, methods and behaviours you can only have a positive vision of the future.

Suggest a book to read and justify the choice with a representative adjective.

‟Momenti di trascurabile felicità″ by Francesco Piccolo is not an ordinary book but a short manual, a list of everyday moments that you normally don’t even care about, a very quick read that I would like to suggest. Reading this book you can say “It happened to me too″ or ″that’s me‟, a typical reaction when someone says something that you actually know but you have never thought about. It’s ironic, intelligent and real, something that I feel the need to open from time to time, read a page and smile.