Tempo di Qualità 2017 – the time that creates value

The project of JSB Solutions that encourages employees to spend their working time in culture

Going to a museum? Seeing an exhibition or going to a concert? Getting involved in volunteering activities or attend a professional training?

In JSB Solutions this kind of activities are activities that can be done during the working time. It is called “Tempo di Qualità” the time to be invested in culture – twenty hours of the regular working time that each employee can use for cultural activities. A not ordinary choice started the last January with a precise goal: “the promotion of Beauty and Culture inside a company creates well-being and generates excellent results”, said Jacopo Montigiani, General Manager.

After one year it’s time to check the results that “Tempo di Qualità” has had during this time in JSB. After an initial reaction of amazement and curiosity, the time invested in Quality activities started to increase. The survey conducted by the end of 2017 confirmed the positive response of JSB employees to a new and original project.

More than half team, about 61%, spent part or the total amount of the hours dedicated to culture, about 40% of the total time. Employees used this time to see Monet or Klimt exhibitions, to see the opera like the Bohème, but also to visit important monuments of Italian cities or to attend language courses or training to improve personal and professional skills.

A result that, in terms of participation and activities, encouraged JSB Solutions to renew its commitment to donate twenty hours of the working time to spend in culture for the whole 2018 with the belief that “Tempo di Qualità” project can be part of a company change that can be strengthened, stabilized over time and also adopted by other companies.

Read what they say about the project on Repubblica or watch the video.