“beauty increases well-being, activate intellectual connection, brings inspiration and intuition”

Two years have passed away since we started the project Sabati della Bellezza to promote beauty and culture inside and outside our company. In this season of events we focused on two words: Beauty and Power and the possible connections between this concepts. If the last season we discovered Beauty and Power from a public point of view, this time we get into a private scenario, visiting the historical mansions of some of the most powerful Italian families.

It was the 22nd of September when 40 people arrived at Villa La Quiete in Florence. Curiosity and enthusiasm to visit a Medici Mansion, rich of history and stories, but not that famous like other Medici mansions in Florence. Enthusiasm turns into awareness of the powerfull figures that lived in this place, first of all Anna Maria Luisa de’ Medici, Elettrice Palatina known for her magnific gesture called “Patto di Famiglia”, thanks to which Florence is still a City of Art. The small Church, the courtyard, the garden, everything leads to imagine the life of Elettrice Palatina surrounded by the Montalve, the religious congregation that still lives in the apartments of the Villa.

Just a month to think about this beauty that we were in Parma at Reggia di Colorno. Another place, another family, another story but also another important powerful female figure: Maria Luigia d’Austria who gave to the ducal apartments and the large garden the mark of her taste. A taste that is definetely different from what we saw at Villa La Quiete, a french taste in a place where they used to speak “alla Francesa”.

From “the Versailles of Parma” to another Institution: Villa di Castello also known as Villa Reale, the venue of Accademia della Crusca, the most important center of scientific research dedicated to the study and promotion of the Italian language. Here we saw another form of power, the power of the Italian language and its evolution in history until today, when the language is transformed and shaped by new technologies and social networks.

A jump into the present to go back to past, to the origin of this trip. Just a week ago, when we get back to Villa La Quiete for the last special event of the season “Tra Bellezza e Potere”. This time Art, Beauty and Culture meet Music for the concert “Da Düsseldorf a Villa La Quiete: la musica nelle residenze dell’Elettrice Palatina”. An occasion to link together some excellences of Florence with which JSB has activated a collaboration: Sistema Museale dell’Ateneo di Firenze and SestoAntiqua and to live once again the trip of Anna Maria Luisa de’Medici between Düsseldorf and Florence.

Soon the new events of the next season: www.sabatidellabellezza.it