Another season with Sabati della Bellezza has just ended. Our multisensory journey into beauty, started in 2016 to enhance beauty and culture inside and outside our Company, today totals eleven appointments between Florence, Modena and Parma. The project started more than one year ago with a precise belief: the promotion of culture and beauty creates well-being and brings excellent results to the company itself.

Sabati della Bellezza has been a journey for team members, clients and partners into some of the best churches, museums and monuments of our territory: from the Basilica di Santa Croce to the Cattedrale di Modena and Complesso di San Lorenzo, arriving to the special event in the Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana and the visit into the Labirinto della Masone di Franco Maria Ricci. The enthusiasm and passion of all the participants and the interest in learning from our incredible guides Debora Percario and Eles Iotti, make us believe even more in this investment. That’s why we have eagerly worked on the next season events to discover unusual places and experience new special moments.

This kind of project is a real change for staff members’ well-being and we are sure that, with the collaboration of other companies, beauty and culture will become important values not only to our Company but to others as well.

The schedule for Sabati della Bellezza new season  has already been released. You can see the new events on our website and you can also follow our journey by visiting our Instagram profile @sabatidellabellezza and our Facebook Page, which are always updated with the best pictures of the best places we have seen.

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