The Museo Galileo was the first stop of this new season “Tra Arte e Scienza,Terra e Cielo” with Sabati della Bellezza. Fifty participants, including JSB employees,  clients and suppliers shared the last Saturday afternoon together, discovering the Museum situated in the heart of Florence.

The ancient building Palazzo Castellani, the monumental sundial and the view on the Arno river were a perfect scenery to start the visit of the Museo Galileo. Getting inside, the atmosphere brought all the participants back to the period of important scientific breakthroughs and discoveries.

The Medici Collections on the first floor, dating from the 15th century through the 18th century, was a journey between astronomical instruments, Galileo’s unique artifacts, telescopes, lens, thermometers, terrestrial and celestial globes and the impressive Santucci’s armillary sphere, perfectly described by the worlds of our guides with interesting curiosity and facts.

On the second floor the Lorraine Collection showed other interesting instruments that marked the progress of electricity, electromagnetism and chemistry but also clocks, octans, sextans and a section dedicated to pharmacy and chemistry. The day concludes with the exhibitions “images of science”, a focus on photography technique and the role that it played in documenting scientific discoveries.

That was just the beginning of this new adventure with Sabati della Bellezza. Next appointment on the 21th of October in Parma, discovering the greatness of Correggio.