“L’occhio, dal quale la bellezza dell’universo è specchiata dai contemplanti, e di tanta eccellenza, che chi consente alla sua perdita si priva della rappresentazione di tutte le opere della natura, per la veduta delle quali l’anima sta contenta nelle umani carceri, mediante gli occhi, per i quali essa anima si rappresenta tutte le varie cose di natura. Ma chi li perde lascia essa anima in una oscura prigione, dove si perde ogni speranza di vedere il sole, luce di tutto il mondo.” – Leonardo da Vinci, Trattato della Pittura

The last events of Sabati della Bellezza celebrates 500 years since Leonardo da Vinci died. Discovering 500 years of history, culture and beauty. The story of Leonardo is the story of a painter, sculptor, writer, inventor and man of science that link together rationality and creativity, a deep curiosity and knowledge.

At Galleria Nazionale in Parma we had our first meeting with the Master Leonardo. Through the halls and different periods of time, we arrived at the main artwork Testa di fanciulla, known as “La Scapiliata”: an outlined face with not defined hair, a work of great value. A painting in the shade of the dark, greened amber and white lead on wood that recalls Leonardo’s studies on the soul movements, that capture thoughts and feelings.

We moved to Florence to discover the exhibition “Leonardo and Florence”, a link with the city and Palazzo Vecchio, to which Leonardo dedicated inventiveness and energy. His drawings trace a chronological path of relatives, friends and Florentine acts, of the Medici, of the Arno, of studies on flight and geometry and of the works realized in the city, in an indissoluble connection between the Florence and the artist. But to fully discover Leonardo it is necessary to go back to his origins, in his birthplace Vinci, walking in the places that have influenced his artistic path. Documents, drawings, suggestions that trace the first stages of this journey but which already show the future of the artist, technologist and scientist.

We came back to Florence, for the last event of Sabati della Bellezza, to trace Leonardo’s steps from another point of view: through alleys, buildings that represented moments of life for the artist. The tomb of his Master Andrea del Verrocchio in Sant’Ambrogio Church and the Hospital of Santa Maria Nuova where he performed his anatomical studies and left boxes with books and manuscripts are just some of the places visited.

We moved for the first time in Milan to the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana to discover studies and drawings of the French period from the Atlantic Codex, the portrait of the Museum and other masterpieces of extraordinary beauty to arrive at Castello Sforzesco where Leonardo’s presence is in the historical link with Lombardia and Corte degli Sforza. Leonardo’s journey ended with a fundamental stop at the Uffizi Gallery through the room dedicated to the artist, which contains some of the greatest masterpieces that Leonardo has collaborated on: Battesimo di Cristo, l’Annunciazione and Adorazione dei Magi.

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