Early in the morning we started the last Sabati della Bellezza event. In a cloudy Piazza del Duomo – Parma – the group was ready to discover “Le Nuvole del Correggio”: three different stops to get to know the great artist Antonio Allegri. Chiesa di San Giovanni, Duomo di Parma and Camera di San Paolo, different places with different stories but with one thing in common: the Art of Correggio.

Our guide Eles Iotti described this new Saturday as a trip to the sky, touching clouds with hands. And that was definitely the feeling that each participant had at the end of the day. Starting from the first stop – Chiesa di San Giovanni – where the dome with the Ascension of Christ capture everybody’s attention when it lights up, passing through the Duomo with the Assumption of the Virgin, equated to the vault of heaven to end the visit at Camera di San Paolo or Camera della Badessa that has an entire room painted by Correggio.

The participants felt like floating in the sky, thanks to the artist talent to represent the dynamicity, the prospective of bodies and clouds, mixed together to create a perfect movement, soft and smooth. No one could take the eyes off the top of this monuments where Correggio made some pioneering works of the period.

Now it’s time to wait till the next event: La Cupola del Duomo, Firenze, 18.11.17