More than 100 people for the last event of the season with Sabati della Bellezza. Two very special afternoons that perfectly describes our campaign claim “Tra Arte e Scienza, Terra e Cielo”, considering the artistic works of Vasari and Zuccari, the innovative method with which Brunelleschi built the Dome, and the way up from the earth to the sky, from the Duomo to the Cupola.

After a quick visit inside the Cathedral the groups started climbing the 463 stairs between the ground and the largest masonry dome ever built. Some stops gave the participants the opportunity to see the magnificent frescoes of Vasari and Zuccari, the colourful mosaics and the decorative floor of the Duomo. And the previous lesson with Professor Conti “La Cupola del Brunelleschi tra geometria e curiosità” and the speeches of our guides, allowed all the people to better understand the ingenious and innovative solutions that Brunelleschi used to build this masterpiece of beauty and engineering.

Arriving on the top of the dome the view was a perfect postcard of Florence. Giardini di Boboli, Campanile di Giotto, the Sinagoga, Palazzo Vecchio and all the symbols of this city in the same landscape. The Brunelleschi’s Dome is the perfect example to describe beauty in all its forms and to close this new season with Sabati della Bellezza.