This season of Sabati della Bellezza just ended up. The relationship between Beauty and Power was the fil rouge of these events between Florence and Parma. We met art and beauty as expression of important families and dynasties and, at the same time, as values that are independent of power.

Four stops, unexpected destinations and historical places were the scenery of this Sabati della Bellezza season: from Palazzo Medici Riccardi, to Complesso della Pilotta and Palazzo Ducale in Parma, to conclude with Museo del Bargello and the special Tour through Florence with Professor Giuseppe Conti.

Since we started, visiting Palazzo Medici Riccardi we met the power of the Medici Family in this ancient palace, the perfect expression of the Reinassence culture. Elegant, sober and rigorous, the mansion of Cosimo il Vecchio paved the way to the other events. Then, it was the time to move to Parma, where we had the special opportunity to visit Palazzo Ducale and Complesso della Pilotta, symbol of another important Italian family: the Farnese family.

Just a month after and we were astonished by the sculpture of Michelangelo and Donatello inside Museo del Bargello in Florence, most of them from the Medici collection. With the fascinating view of the courtyard and masterpieces all over the museum, Museo del Bargello was an unexpected surprise.

And with the “math walk” through Florence with Professor Giuseppe Conti we ended up this Sabati della Bellezza season. A not ordinary tour during which we visited Florence from the point of view of a mathematician, discovering facts, curiosities and the connection between math and the Florentine architecture.

Renewing our commitment in supporting beauty and culture in our territory we just have to wait till new events will come out. Keep in touch visiting