Waiting for tomorrow Sabati della Bellezza event discovering the Cupola del Brunelleschi in Florence, JSB Solutions held the speech of Professor Giuseppe Conti to discover interesting facts and curiosities about the architectural work.

What is the connection between math and Brunelleschi? How much is it important in the Florentine Dome construction?

Some of the answers to these questions came out during the last speech of Professor Giuseppe Conti, held in JSB new offices. With his extensive experience Giuseppe Conti – Mathematical Analysis Professor and author of scientific publications and books for schools and universities – explained the connection between art, music, architecture and math, with a focus on the connection between these fields and the great construction of Brunelleschi.

Enigmas, secrets and loads of different theories make people believe that the Brunelleschi Dome could remain a mystery. But the speech of Giuseppe Conti underlined not only the doubts about this architectural work but also the certain facts behind it and the contribution of math in these discoveries. First of all Brunelleschi was a mathematician, his name is in the most important Historical math texts. The connection between math and Brunelleschi starts with the consultation of Giovanni dell’Abaco or the lessons with Paolo dal Pozzo Toscanelli, that helped him with his mathematical calculations. In the Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral the use of math is evident from the bricks that are fitted with elliptical propellers, from its profile that looks like a catenary curve and the golden and musical proportions.

This meeting helped all the participants to better understand the theory behind this Florentine work, discover some not usual facts and look at the Brunelleschi Dome with the eyes of a mathematician, who can see beauty from a different prospective.