JSB and environmental sustainability: a concrete action, the project Treedom

In JSB Solutions, the theme of corporate sustainability, of great impact on our work as on the world that surrounds us, feeds concrete initiatives with people, the community, the environment at the center. This year to celebrate Christmas we join a beautiful green project: with the help of Treedom we have just started to populate the JSB forest.

We will plant trees throughout 2021, to compensate for any CO2 emissions related to new projects and services for our customers: new specimens will thus enrich our forest with each new advisory assignment.
At the beginning of 2020 we launched the #Jsbroadto2030 project, with corporate, social, economic and environmental sustainability at its core, in accordance with the global sustainability goals of the United Nations.

The Sustainable Development Goals (Sdgs) are the 17 interconnected global goals defined by the UN Development Programme to combat poverty, protect the health of the planet and ensure equitable prosperity, according to the UN agenda for a sustainable future.

Oggi possiamo aspirare proprio al raggiungimento di 10 di questi obiettivi attraverso le attività di piantumazione di alberi in Asia, Africa, Sud America e Italia gestite da Treedom.

The trees planted by JSB are placed in agro-forestry projects with a strong social value, in rural communities in the south of the world, as well as in Italy, to form sustainable ecosystems.
Thanks to the project, we contribute to biocompatibility, biodiversity and a sustainable use of resources and land, and on the social front we encourage micro-entrepreneurship in contributing to the training and financial support of rural populations involved in agroforestry projects, supporting crops that are waiting for them to become productive.

Carbon footprint: a forest to compensate our CO2

Throughout 2021 we will be planting trees to compensate for any small CO2 emissions associated with new JSB projects and services for our customers, which would condition our company’s ecological footprint.

At a global level, as well as being a valuable ally in the fight against deforestation, global warming, the Treedom initiative is indeed an excellent tool for reducing CO2 emissions, since all trees absorb carbon dioxide, naturally generating a benefit for the entire planet.

For this reason, for each new consultancy assignment signed by JSB Solutions during 2021, new specimens will be planted that will enrich the already started crops.
Follow our growing forest and find out how we will strive to grow it together: https://www.treedom.net/it/organization/jsb-solutions-s.r.l