JSB Recruiting Day held the 20th of April at JSB Living Lab

“Launch your career and become part of our crew”: more than 70 students and young professionals replied to JSB call attending the first JSB Recruiting Day. The event dedicated to people that want to get in touch with our Company and become part of the team in the three main Business areas: Pharma Consulting, CRO and Software Solutions. Thanks to Universities, LinkedIn Company page  and our website many students heard about the event and decided to take the chance to present themselves to our company or just to send their curriculum: students with degrees in pharmacy, biotechnology, engineering, computer technology and many others.

The day started with a short company overview to introduce all the participants to our working reality and it continued with non-stop individual interviews. Each student had the chance to directly talk to the BU Manager in charge for the area in which they were interested in and relevant for their university background and professional experiences.

The goal of the first JSB Recruiting Day was to engage young reliable and motivate talents to become part of a reality in which change and innovation are not considered as an hurdle but a continuous improvement, which is the base of our growth. Surely, this was the perfect occasion to create new relationships, new contacts that might become new work collaboration.