In this interview Marco Stefanini, Compliance e Maintenance Consultant describe himself through the experience in JSB and his personal and professional skills.

Describe yourself with a personal and/or professional experience that you consider representative of your personality.

Since I was a child I have always been attracted by the investigation and understanding of things that are around us. I’m interested in observing events and understand how they work. In fact, one of the main passion that I have is science, in all its manifestations in nature. Science is just one of the interests that are an important part of my life, like amateur astronomy, astrography, photography and self-construction. This multitude of interests and the curiosity for different subjects and matters are one of the aspects that most define my personality. I always try to use them in my daily work, sure that they are important for a personal and professional growth.

Which is your role in JSB and why are you proud to be part of the JSB Solutions Team?

In JSB I work as Compliance and Maintenance Consultant, dealing with validations and compliance in the automation field. The most interesting part of my job is the constant support that I give in the different activities in which I am involved. I always try to anticipate any problems providing an efficient solution to solve them. I try to apply in my daily work two values that are fundamental to achieve the company goals and for a personal growth: this values are constancy and versatility.

Suggest a book to read and justify the choice with a representative adjective.

The book I suggest reading is “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu. I read this book several years ago and I found it fascinating in many ways. It is a book written about 2500 years ago but is still very actual because many of the principles explained in it can be applied to different situations of our everyday life. It gives to the reader ideas that can help to reach goals in whatever context they are.