2021 for JSB Solutions was a new year of deep connection with the theme of sustainability and saw the implementation of a series of concrete initiatives focused on people, the community, the environment.

We have long been living our company as an ecosystem engaged in a growth process, which generates value for society and the planet; in recent months we have continued to operate in accordance with the project #Jsbroadto2030 launched in early 2020, on the basis of the global objectives, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), set out in the United Nations Development Programme to combat poverty, protect the health of the planet and work for a more equitable prosperity.

In particular, our 2021 initiatives focused more closely on three of the seventeen ONU SDGs, namely:

  • Achieving gender equality and self-determination for all women and girls (Objective 5)
  • Promoting sustainable, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, productivity, employment and decent work for all (Objective 8)
  • Protecting, restoring and promoting sustainable use of the ecosystem (Objective 15)

From this perspective of sustainability, we thought that the issue of gender differences and equal opportunities – especially in a sector such as STEM, which concerns us more closely – should have an important place in our business management.

On the subject of gender equality, we can say that we have achieved Objective 8, if we consider that in the face of a strengthening of JSB staff – which in the course of a single year has gone from 68 to 101 active employees – more than half of the people hired, 65, are female, are between 25-34 years old and cover a bit all hierarchical levels of the organization chart.

Even the average age of employees in general – 32.9 years and 41 years for top managers – is fortunately in contrast in a country where unfortunately, according to the latest ISTAT data, as many as 30% of young people are still unemployed.

With regard to the objectives for the ecosystem and against climate change, thanks to the Treedom project launched last Christmas, in 2021 we populated the JSB forests in five countries: This year 80 new trees were planted to compensate for CO2 emissions related to new services for our customers, cutting down our carbon footprint for -14,265 kg of carbon dioxide dispersed in the environment.

Follow the JSB forest that grows on our Treedom page: https://www.treedom.net/it/organization/jsb-solutions-s.r.l