10 years of JSB, divisional projects and goals, research and development investments

Annual Meeting 2019: the annual event where the entire company shares results, progresses and future goals was held on February 15th at Fuligno Auditorium, Florence.

Let’s start from the end. This is the phrase with which we start any meeting and this is the phrase with which we started this Annual Meeting. Let’s begin from Grit, the word of the year that represents passion and perseverance with which everyone has to face daily work activities, pursuing the achievement of corporate and personal goals and approaching new challenges.

Grit and attitude introduce the topics of business performance and results achieved: all the economic goals set for the four-year period 2014-2018 have been achieved by consolidating the correctness of the choices made and making the base for the goals of the next four years. The organizational goals have also been achieved: the consolidation of Mission, Vision and Corporate Values ​​and the simplification of the economic control tools are now shared standards. For 2019 the objective will be to realize an internal Business Intelligence software, to use the divisional Mission & Vision as a standard, to map the internal skills and activate the company Welfare.

The focus shifts to people: 21 new employees in a year, almost 500 call interviews and 120 one to one interviews, with a total of 1500 active profiles in the databases. Data to which are added the numbers of the Recruiting Days realized in 2018 in Florence and Parma: almost 100 one to one interviews in two days and 2 candidates hired.

Our Continuo is once again represented by the project of Sabati della Bellezza that this year will bring all the participants to discover Leonardo Da Vinci with 5 events between Florence and Parma and from Tempo di Qualità, the 20 annual working hours that all employees can use for cultural activities, which are renewed for 2019. Another project is the Simplification Advisory Board, the internal tool through which collecting and carrying forward proposals for  procedures and business processes simplification.

The gaze turned towards the present and the future step back towards the past. It’s time to live JSB’s first 10 years of history through images, anecdotes, colleagues and former colleagues who have been part of this story.  Looking at the past help us to lay the foundations for the future and imagine the next 10 years and a future that will be guided by the Company Mission & Vision and the Divisional Mission that will see the pharma area oriented to care and proactivity at the service of clients, the CRO work with integrity and courage to manage cutting-edge projects and the software area curious and ready to provide customized solutions.

Then, the various divisions present themselves to the entire company through goals, active and future projects and new colleagues, to then focus on 2019 research and development projects with the main investments in the software and CRO areas with a particular focus on blockchain, of which the first results achieved were already presented.

Let’s go back to the beginning now. A small survey of 10 questions about grit done by each memeber of the staff at the beginning of the meeting shows that the level of determination, passion and perseverance is already high among all employees. The goal for 2019? Increase the grit to reach the set goals.