As a CRO we perfectly understand how data collection and management in a Clinical Study is one of the most crucial and complex aspects. To handle this complexity JSB has worked to develop Contrappunto Electronic Case Report Form Software, designed with innovative technologies and a User-Oriented approach.

But, what do we mean by innovative technologies? In collaboration with Jaewa, an academic spin-off specialized in the IT sector, we have designed a fully flexible and customizable system so that, if you need to adapt Contrappunto Software to your clinical study, we can easily do it reducing time and costs. Cloud technology and the web based infrastructure guarantee the best performance in terms of speed and availability of requested information.

The need to create a flexible and adaptable system met with the demand of creating a system with a user-oriented approach, which is easy to use for sponsors, CRO and clinical sites personnel. With UX Boutique a team of UX specialists, we collaborate to remove the typical hurdles of these systems. Clinical trial data entry and monitoring, collection and management of patient records is now intuitive and immediate. This process has been developed in different steps: from a workshop, creating the information architecture and the software prototype, finally arriving at the user test, making sure that User requirements have been fulfilled.

The convergence of different professionals, knowledge and expertise make our eCRF Software the ultimate solution for Clinical Trial Management.

“JSB SOLUTIONS S.R.L. Project co-financed under Tuscany POR FESR 2014-2020”

“JSB SOLUTIONS 4.0” Project:  creation of an eCRF system for the management of electronic medical records.