JSB Solutions offers pharmaceutical companies the expertise of Clinical Supply in the field of experimental drug management in clinical research.

It is an increasingly crucial figure in the pharmaceutical sector that combines a background in clinical research with an in-depth knowledge of the regulations in force in the fields of GCP, GMP and GDP.
Our team is mainly involved in the labeling, packaging and distribution of experimental drugs, which are being investigated in clinical trials.

Clinical Supply is already involved in the embryonic phase of the study project; it collaborates with the different units of the Sponsor to study the packaging and labelling of the drug kit intended for patients and the necessary quantities, depending on the number of subjects and clinical centers and the duration of the study; supervises the stages of transport and distribution of kits to experimental sites, where dispensation to the patient takes place.

Clinical Supply also manages the procurement and packaging of any drugs or auxiliary materials to the study.
The labelling and packaging phases can be managed in parallel and for these activities we rely on the support of specialized and qualified suppliers, who are selected and monitored step by step for the entire duration of the project.

The packaging is designed taking into account the type and dosage of the drug, the duration of treatment and the number of visits provided by the clinical protocol.
The experimental drug is thus packaged in a series of consecutive packaging, depending on the mode of delivery and shipment of the kit.
If the drug is in the form of capsules or tablets, the primary packaging will consist of blisters, which can be in turn set up in boxes, boxes or wallets (secondary packaging).
The different packaging is labelled in accordance with national and international guidelines that determine what information is required on each label.

The label can be mono or multi-lingual depending on the number of countries involved in the study and must ensure the blind, where required.
Although the distribution of the experimental drug is one of the last stages of the supply process, it is planned well in advance with foresight and accuracy and can provide shipments from the supplier to clinical centers or through a qualified warehouse. The adoption of the most suitable strategy depends on the initial set-up of the logistics and a series of parameters, such as the activation of the center or the ability to enlist.

Clinical Supply can also use the use of software or platforms to have a watchful eye on the process that the experimental drug follows, from its birth to arrival at its final destination, ensuring traceability and accuracy of its path.