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The first event of the digital Blockchain Open Lab  starts with VAR Group, Information Technology & Services Company, with which JSB has started a strong collaboration for a blockchain based project for the pharma word.

Jacopo Montigiani, JSB General Manager, moderated the session with the participation of Duccio Micela, JSB Software Project Specialist, Roberto Stefanelli, Var Group Blockchain Leader & Innovation Manager, and Jacopo Romagnoli, Var Group Innovation Manager R&D.

We opened the Lab sharing the partnership experience between JSB & Var Group. A collaboration between a company with strong innovative technologies and system integration knowledge as Var Group and a company with business processes knowledge, in particular of the Life Science sector, as JSB.

Thanks to this partnership we created a simple and ready-made blockchain platform for the traceability of products in the logistics chain, with the management of tracking with IoT integration, for example a level of geolocation and temperature. “Blockchain value in logistics is in sharing values between different players (transparency, quality, clarity, trust). Blockchain becomes a communication channel in which each player shares what he does with the others, till the end of the chain. It is very important sharing values in a trust system” – said Roberto Stefanelli.

To make usable this platform is necessary a commitment between the different players of the chain. “The process drives decisions. It is necessary, in addition to commitment, give support for the identification of processes that can be use through the platform to create value” – pointed out Duccio Micela.

During the Lab other participants and members talked about their projects and points of view. Massimiliano Barawitzka, Healthcare Communication Expert, explained a telemedicine project in collaboration with Lodi and Codogno hospitals, developed through a clinical algorithm for a remote patient management with a vertical application. The project, even if is not integrated with blockchain technology, could be perfect for this integration, because it allows to have an index for which each person maintains the ownership and security of his data.

Talking about privacy, the lawyer Francesco Montesi, of Facchini-Montesi law firm, claimed that blockchain fits to the privacy issue because data entered in blockchain is pseudonymised. At the same time, the technology in not in complaint with some GDPR principles.

Lorenzo Mucchi, Professor @Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell’Informazione, Università degli Studi di Firenze, that will led the next Blockchain Open Lab, pointed out the importance of data security. Luca Odetti of Tecnalia, introduced the European Project PoseIDon, with the main goal of developing a blockchain platform in compliance with GDPR for personal data management.

“We are more aware and more mature than a year ago to seize the opportunity coming out from these events” – said Jacopo Montigiani, ending the first event of the digital Blockchain Open Lab and launching the next event of April, 22 in partnership with Lorenzo Mucchi about Rover Project – Reliable technologies and models for verified wireless body-centric transmission and localization.

Download the slide shared during the event.