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The second event of the digital Blockchain Open Lab starts with the ROVER Project (Reliable technOlogies and models for VERified wireless body-centric transmission and localisation), parts of H2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions MSCA-RISE-2019 to improve researchers international and intersectoral mobility.

Duccio Micela, JSB Software Project Specialist led the session with the participation of Prof. Lorenzo Mucchi– Università degli Studi di Firenze – Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell’Informazione – with which JSB has developed a synergy for the project innovation of intelligent wireless networks for ICT applications and medical devices on in-on, on-on and on-off-body communication systems for the automation of diagnostic and patient monitoring processes, to reduce/eliminate manual and subjective caregiver intervention.

Lorenzo Mucchi started talking about the project: “these devices are based on the person’s body. The sensor picks up sensitive data from which extract information, that are sent to a database, elaborated, manged and used to make decision about patient health”. The project includes different player from all over the world: Universities, Research Institutes and companies that shared their skills and know-how to create a collaboration and interoperability.

The human body becomes an Internet network node. Communicates with our cells open a new scenario to classify disease or creates intelligent medicines” – said Lorenzo Mucchi.

In this international project, it becomes fundamental the role of companies involved. “The inclusion of companies can be useful to drive this project to the most interesting application fields for the market and stakeholders” – pointed out Duccio Micela. If the project wouldn’t have been a partnership with companies it will be too visionary and without a real and immediate benefit for people. Companies are very important in driving academic researches to become a product or a service useful for the population.

Very important even the data security. In this field, crucial in the ROVER Project, it is important the role played by blockchain technology and JSB know-how. Blockchain is an “all-round protection shell” for the connections between different systems, certification and data cryptography.

The medical vision of Cecilia Pelagatti, JSB CRO Scientific Director e Medical Advisor, becomes important to understand the role of this project in an emergency. “Carrying out remote monitoring is one of the goals of the project, some things can already be applied and used today to better manage this situation. Even with simple sensors it is possible to try to understand the patient’s state of health. For example: a temperature sensor and an oximeter could be very useful at this time” – pointed out Lorenzo Mucchi.

Very interesting the normative theme introduced by Stefano Piccoli, member of the Lab and Qstep Founder so that the project can meet regulatory requirements and the devices can be used safely, for example in the context of clinical studies, moving forward with privacy aspects introduced by the lawyer Francesco Montesi. “The privacy problem could be managed with blockchain so that the doctor can prescribe a therapy even without knowing the patient’s identity” – said Duccio Micela.

Other topics introduced by Andrea Cappugi, member of the BOL, was on the final target of the project, for example the doctors who might be involved, the advantages of a device inside the body compared to an external device raised by Marco Giacomelli, JSB Software Developer and data processing and management introduced by Prof. Gaetano Aiello, active participant of the Lab since its foundation.

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