The workshop will be held the 11th of April at 6.30pm in JSB Living Lab, via di Calenzano 58, Sesto Fiorentino

What are Bitcoins? What’s the role they can play in our future? How Blockchain works? Giving answers about a controversial, discussed and not clear topic is really difficult. JSB and Timenet try to collect all the questions and start giving some answers during the workshop “Bitcoin e Blockchain: tutto quello che avreste voluto sapere ma non avete mai osato chiedere”, held on Wednesday the 11th of April in the JSB Living Lab spaces and will see the participation of experts such as Sebastian Zdrojewski, CTO of Rivoluzione Digitale and Gabriele Angeli of Bitminer Factory, the first Italian Miner Factory based in Calenzano.

To JSB and Timenet this event represents just a part of a broader project that connect this two companies in the phase of research and development of the Distributed Ledger Technology to the world of Life Science, merged into our Blockchain Life Science Lab based in JSB Solutions offices. The laboratory represents a the first experiment in Tuscany, being the first one opened to all companies, universities, professionals that want to share their experiences, skills and process flows to be investigated.

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