“Bitcoin e Blockchain: tutto quello che avreste voluto sapere ma non avete mai osato chiedere” - workshop organized by JSB Solutions in collaboration with Timenet

Everything starts from a pizza and a beer at the restaurant and a simple question: how should we pay? Cash? Credit card? And, what if we pay with Bitcoin?” So, an ordinary event of our everyday life can make us ask questions that sometimes remain simple questions or sometimes they generate discussions, are repeated over time and at best they generate new ideas. It starts with this image the introduction of Leone Tronconi, Co-Owner Timenet at the workshop “Bitcoin e Blockchain: tutto quello che avreste voluto sapere ma non avete mai osato chiedere”. It seems simple, almost natural, we pass from banknote to digital transactions through ATMs, credit cards, bank transfers to get to Bitcoin transactions.

But, what is it changing? It’s changing the paradigm of trust, we have less trust in traditional institutions and more trust in individuals” points out Jacopo Montigiani, JSB General Manager, shifting the attention from bitcoin to the technology beyond this digital currency: Blockchain. Who can we truly trust in the age of digitization and decentralization? Probably the institutions that we trusted in are no longer totally reliable and so relationships are changing and reputation becomes a fundamental value to address our trust. So, why should we trust Blockchain? Thinking of the many art works disappeared during the Second World War, the medicines counterfeiting or fish supply chain. With Blockchain we would know exactly where the product is, where it comes from and where it will be sent. Blockchain is the chain that makes things safe.

With Bitcoins we can buy a pizza, with Blockchain we can make safe transactions, but, is it clear the meaning of this words? The expert Sebastian Zdrojewski, CTO of Rivoluzione Digitale, made everything more clear. Blockchain is technically a Distributed Transactional Database System, where information is stored, distributed in all the blocks part of it, passing from one block to another, without being changed: like a block of granite on which we make an engraving. Pros and cons, many possibilities of application but also uncertainties and doubts that still leave many open questions.

Questions to which the miners Gabriele Angeli and Gabriele Stampa of Bitminer Factory, the first professional data mining in Italy, seem to have the answers. From the basket of a dishwasher as first miner to the first system they current count 500 miner computers and more than 100 active miners and they are ready to become soon a European Mining Company.

So, among technical experts, professionals with a clear vision of the future, skeptics and companies that are approaching this technology application, how can we anticipate the future in this complex phase of early adoption? We have decided to break down barriers and open the door to professionals, companies and institutions, even of the same sector to develop ideas and projects that can give advantages to everyone. This is the goal of the Blockchain Life Science Lab a project already joined by companies like Timenet, Rivoluzione Digitale, Bitminer Factory, Qstep and the University of Florence. A network based on a new trust systems where find answers and create new projects and events related to the application of Blockchain, with a particular focus in the Life Science sector.