Annual Meeting 2017: the annual event where the whole Company share results, progresses, and future goals has been held on the 15th of December in the new JSB offices in Sesto Fiorentino.

The first part of the day was conducted by Jacopo Montigiani, General Manager of the Company. Jacopo, outlining the goals of  four-year period from 2014-2018 regarding turnover index, penetration rate and number of clients, pointed out how the intermediate goals were reached and in some cases excedeed before the end of 2018. The target of the next year will be to stabilize and strengthen the set goals in order to define new ones for new four-year period 2019-2022.

Looking at the goals achieved and the changes of the company in the last four years, the management has decided to redefine Vision, Mission, and company Values: Jacopo emphasized the work of the management in this direction, pointing out that the focus will be on the customers, both internal and external.

New Vision: “Lets clients free to focus on core activities”

New Mission “Facilitates our clients’ work”

Consequently, new company general values have been defined, Accordance and Reliability, and new divisional values: Care for Pharma Division; Integrity for CRO; Curiosity for Software division; Accountability for internal Management and Service.

After Accountability in 2015, Reliability in 2016 and Reputation in 2017, Jacopo stated the new word of the year 2018, Simplification, in line with the new JSB identity, aimed at simplification. Simplification defined by the words of J. Maeda as “simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful”.

As every year, the strategy of 2018 was shared with the whole staff, with a focus on investment and improvement projects, starting with the projects completed during the year (eCFR Contrappunto, ISO 9001 certification, new communication strategy ecc.).

A particular focus was dedicated to investments in the software area, the organizational area and Corporate Culture: the new cycle of “Sabati della Bellezza” will have as common thread the relation between “Beauty and Power” with new events between Parma and Florence at Palazzo Medici Riccardi, Pilotta Complex and Palazzo Vecchio.

The management also confirmed Tempo di Qualità for 2018, 20 working hours for each employee to spend for personal growth: such as exhibitions, concerts, volunteering activities ecc.

During the last part of the day, Margherita Bertoldi, JSB HR Specialist showed several important updates about the new Company Regulation and available job positions.

Finally, she described the features of Cezanne HR, a new software for HR management that will simplify the working life of all JSB employees.

In the afternoon Phil Taylor, Strategic Development Senior Consultant, used non-conventional communication tools to help each team member  see the different approach to internal and external clients, in line with the new corporate culture.