Company as an ecosystem | Creating sustainable value | JSB first 10 years| Agenda 2030 | Annual Meeting 2020 | Bibliography

Each company behaves like a real complex living organism, that is active in an ecosystem of relationships; it develops a growing process, since by statute it must acquire value, but it creates it in symbiotic balance with society and the environment. So, its existence make sense when it wants to create a common future, more universally sustainable and fair. This new corporate governance, that is not based only on the profits, but on universal benefits, it leads to wealth and natural, quantitative and qualitative growth.

At the same time, the company is like a family, that identifies itself in a common vision of the future, of the values and behaviours that differentiate itself from the others: as the family, it is a cohesive nucleus that is based on the union of intent and on a shared path over time.

It is on these premises that we started the second decade of JSB Solutions, with a fairly ambitious goal: creating a sustainable value, that is economic, social and environmental, that allows us to give our contributions for the present and the future of our world. For a company like ours, as well as for the family, the desire to grow and improve is in fact part of the DNA and paves the way for that generation of digital post-natives that is called sustainable natives.

JSB Solutions was funded in 2009: in the first 10 years our commitment was based on building the company value, as the foundations for our future. To share this commitment we started, since 2015, to find a word as an expression of a key concept at the base of our development.

We have chosen accountability and reliability as a first step to create the internal value; looking outside we have work on reputation; the focus on simplification (for ouselves and our clients) has allow us to focus on new investments, while with the word grit we have closed our first decade launching new services, such as pharmacovigilance and systems integration with blockchain.

If our main vision has been to facilitates’ clients work, allowing them to focus on core activities, our future vision starts now, in 2020, with the creation of a sustainable value.

As usual, in this phase we start from internal and company assets, with corporate impact reduction plans, that includes initiative such as Smart Working, the beginning of a path to become  a Benefit Corporation, the renewal of Tempo di Qualità the working time dedicated to culture and volunteering  activities, considered as a company asset

We confirmed Sabati della Bellezza, our format based on sharing culture, of which we have seen benefits in terms of intellectual exchanges and personal weel-being, buit also promotion of our territory and cultural services, with benefits for the whole community.

Where will this take us in the coming years? Our project is well represented by the dial of creating sustainable value (Creating sustainable value model, Hart & Milstein) which sees in the background the goals of the decade 2009-2019 compared to the values ​​2020-2030, shown here in the foreground. The quadrant starts from the fact that companies create value according to four directives: present / future (i.e. short and long term), internal/external.

We will continue with the engagement of the value chain, such as clients, suppliers and partners, to work on the development of sustainable innovative skills and reach a common sustainable vision that we hope will be our goal in 2030, that it is also the deadline of SDGs – Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The JSB Annual Meeting, held in January, was focus on this business model changes, working to facilitate the organizational and cultural evolution of the corporate governance through the integration of SDGs in the company processes and the introduction of not financial reporting, for the creation of sustainable value. Thanks to Sonia Massari, professor of Sustainability Design Thinking at Università Roma Tre, we applied the Design Thinking method to apply to our Agenda 2020 and define our three main goals for the next decade:

  • Promote a colletive and inclusive growth
  • Ispirire and promote Agenda2030 principles
  • Keep green and do training