Referring to Mind the Bridge “The Status of Open Innovation in Europe” research, the investments in innovation in Europe are growing, as well as the collaboration with Start Up; however data confirm that investments of europen companies are much lower comparing to competitors.

The topic of open and inclusive collaboration is particularly important for our company that has always supported the importance of creating a connection between different companies, professionals and players, as a boost to innovation. These are some of the reasons why we have created a lab to share blockchain ideas and projects, the Blockchain Open Lab.

Looking for Open Innovation and the opportunities to share ideas, solutions, technological skills between Start Up, Universities, Research Institutes, we have decided to attend Smau Bologna | R2B 2019. In the different sessions has been analysed emerging trends in new technologies, with a focus on IoT, AI and blockchain.

During the workshop “Blockchain in healthcare and GDPR” has been talked about blockchain in the pharmaceutical sector case studies, starting from technology application for medical care management and medical records. The speakers Edoardo Artese and Daniela Ghidelli talked about Smart Contracts in therapeutic protocols application and in the use of medical devices, and about its utility for drugs traceability. Blockchain applicability analysis that we have already done internally but that gave us another point of view and new ideas.

In these 2 day conferences many speakers have talked about blockchain as an emergent technology, even if it seems clear the interest from different sectors and contexts towards the potential of this technology and its application. Mentioning the speaker Franco Giacomozzi – Founder of “We cannot know when the current limits will be exceeded. What nowadays is for a few people, tomorrow will become a convenience. ”

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