What if the next employees of a company are going to be robots? And if hiring or firing a person is going to be in the hands of a robot?

JSB Living Lab introduces the workshop of AIDP Toscana “Prospettive dell’intelligenza artificiale nel HR Management. Siete pronti al colloquio con il prossimo robot?” with more than 30 HR professionals from different companies. A debated issue, the one of Artificial Intelligence, especially in a world such as Human Resources where contact, empathy and the relationship between the candidate and the recruiter have always played a fundamental role.

So, what will be the impact that the AI will have and is already having on human work? The debate starts with two different visions on the theme of Artificial Intelligence in HR, distant from each other but with some ideas in common: on the one hand Andrea Cossu, Doctor of Science and Information Technology, graduated with a thesis on how a system of artificial intelligence can discover that something is new and on the other Paolo Santinello, Prospective Advisor and expert in scenario planning, gamification, and prospective management.

The tennis speech was a back and forth exchange, where the two speakers expressed their different points of view: more open and optimistic the one of Andrea and more critical and sometimes skeptical the other one of Paolo. If Andrea shows how robot can replicate human activities such as playing a football match or creating paintings, Paolo pointed out that a question needs to be asked: can robot really replace men?

Applying AI to the world of Human Resources, it is necessary to recognize that a change in the selection process has already been done especially in the phase of screening and data processing, facilitating and speeding up the work of Recruiters. But, can artificial intelligence replace all the selection phases, from the interview to the recruitment to the dismissal of an employee, or will men always play a fundamental role in this process?

This is one of the most debated points throughout the tennis speech and the round-table that involved all the participants. Despite different ideas and opinions, it seemed clear to everyone that is necessary facing the changes, integrate Artificial Intelligence into the business plan and use it to achieve the set goals.